Sunday, October 6, 2013

Assignment #2: Alex Krzyzosiak

Two female teenagers Chantel Williams and Jasmine Montgomery from Louisiana were arrested for cyber stalking after threatening to inflict physical harm and to kill another female teenager on Twitter. The harassment began two years prior and the victim was forced to transfer schools but even after this she still endured threatening messages because Montgomery’s boyfriend showed interest in the victim. Both Williams and Montgomery were booked into the East Baton Rouge Prison while Williams was issued an additional charge of Simple Assault and had a bond set at $7,500. 
Of the different causes that Suler identifies as generating “disinhibition,” the particular causes associated with this case are dissociative anonymity and invisibility. The reason why dissociative anonymity is evident in and in the sense that way these two women felt disassociated from their behavior and felt like their online actions did not have to do with their real lives.

Closely related to dissociative anonymity, another cause for the disinhibition exhibited by these two teens is the notion of invisibility. Although Williams and Montgomery’s identities on Twitter were partially anonymous (their handles didn’t contain their real names) and the fact that they were not physically present in threatening the victim, essentially amplified the disinhibition effect and text only communication like on Twitter, encouraging this disinhibition even more. 

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