Friday, November 1, 2013

Starbucks - Alex Krzyzosiak

In evaluating the effectiveness of Starbucks commercial social media page on Facebook, it can be said that overall the company is doing an effective job for a number of reasons. Contributing to the effectiveness of Starbucks social media marketing is the way it which it offers premiums in which they attract users and customers. An example of this (although the premium will be offered on Twitter-Starbucks still uses Facebook in order to communicate that this premium will be going on) would be how Starbucks has recently announced the "Tweet-a-coffee" premium where the first 100,000 to Tweet a coffee with a registered Visa Card will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card compliments of Visa. Secondly, Starbucks is also succeeding in the way in which it is encouraging user-generating content by asking users to tell them what they think or even to submit pictures of their customers everyday interaction with Starbucks coffee (posting and sharing pictures of their favorite Starbucks drinks).

In addition to this, Starbucks also uses their Facebook page as a means of listening to what customers have to say and to gain feedback. This can be seen particularly in the way in which it is evident to customers/users that Starbucks does care about feedback because the page will say "Starbucks replied" and then tell you how many times they replied. Finally, Starbucks is producing content flow by providing new and engaging materials regularly-about everyday or every two days. I believe this is effective because it does not bombard those who have liked the Starbucks Facebook page with their content which can sometimes lead to the much dreaded choice to 'un-like' a page.

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