Friday, November 1, 2013

Silver Pizzeria - Kimiya Hojjat

Sliver Pizzeria’s advertising is a prime example of effective social media marketing . They not only capture their customers’ attention with an aesthetically pleasing brand/page, but they also engage the customers on a frequent basis. Among all the methods that a company could employ to maintain an active presence in a customers’ interest, Sliver appears to use them all. When it comes to Sliver, these marketing techniques are perhaps more successful because of their efforts to target a very specific audience. They build loyalty not only by their proximity to the university, but also by presenting information/events/etc. that appeals to their main cohort. For instance, when it comes to Premiums: Sliver was on top of the current news and offered free catering to the next union meeting for the BART strike. They appealed to the concerns of the public at large and also offer deals to large groups and bulk orders. They are likewise a great source of fundraising for student organizations. Considering Participation: they often promote jazz artists and other in-restaurant performances on their Facebook page, to provide customers with an alternate or enhanced reason to eat there.

Customers are further engaged by their ability to relate to Sliver as a social entity as much as a restaurant. They often post pictures with their beautiful pizzas or posing with the friendly staff onto the Facebook page. In addition to this, customers likewise engage in dialogue on the page, most often expressing how good the pizzas of the week were (User-generated content and customer service portal). This manner in which customers engage with Sliver is further enhanced by the company’s efforts in being an active presence in our lives. They have great Content Flow in that they frequently post material for people to follow on news feeds (every few days). They not only alert their fans about a cool new pizza flavor on the menu, but also about their auxiliary activities, such as the staff running a marathon to help eliminate slavery abroad. They intrigue their customers not only by selling their product, but selling themselves as an ethical, fun and relatable company. Their social media marketing tactics are successful because they utilize so many of these strategies in a humble and active way. They allow customers to be a main force in the marketing instead of bombarding them with information as most other companies tend to do. Quite frankly- Sliver is awesome (though perhaps a uniquely successful case-study for the purposes of this assignment).

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