Friday, November 1, 2013

GoPro - Siddhant Puri

I decided to analyze GoPro's effective social media marketing campaign. GoPro sells wearable HD video cameras that make it possible to capture impossible shots on tape. I chose GoPro because there company's most effective marketing is done through social media. People love sharing videos on facebook and GoPro helps them capture their lives like never before. What really sets them apart is their level of engagement by their users. GoPro uploads a 'video of the day' and a 'picture of the day' which forces users to tag/hashtag GoPro in their videos and pictures. They have turned their user into content generators. In fact even if you haven not directly liked GoPro you probably still have seen a video that was shared by a friend that was on the GoPro page. It was interesting to see that 25 people on my friend list had liked the page despite not owning a GoPro device showing the quality of the content.

Despite having a fairly successful self-sufficient social media marketing campaign that makes users advertise the product for you GoPro goes the extra mile. They have used action sport celebrities like Kelly Slater and Shaun White as ambassadors and socially share content from them directly on their facebook page. They also have premiums on their page such as the "Everything We Make" daily contest that gives a full line of GoPro products to one lucky winner and the Instagram contest requesting bands to submit creative content using GoPros. With over five million likes this company's marketing strategy is truly inspiring. Go like their page you will not regret it.

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