Friday, November 1, 2013

Cheez It - Beth Powell

I chose to analyze the Facebook page of Cheez-It, the cheese cracker snack. At first glance, the page is catching. There is an appealing cover photo of Cheez-Its appearing to be falling in mid-air, as well as an original, but distinct profile picture of the brand’s logo. The marketing tactics on this page are clear, but not obnoxious. There is a combination of premiums and participation, for there are opportunities to win prizes if you enter certain codes from specially marked Cheez-It boxes. There are other opportunities for participation including tweeting and giving your opinions towards certain events they are featuring that day. However, the amount of participation and premiums are very limited on this page. They rarely provide opportunity for free products and almost never advertise events or games on the page for user involvement.

The Cheez-It Facebook social media page is strong in its “User-Generated Content”, “Customer Service Portal” and “Content Flow”. Cheez-It features pictures posted by its consumers, usually adding a funny headline to caption the moment. Also, there are many opportunities for users to communicate either via comment, message or tweet. Many people give their opinion this way. Content follow is this strong suit on this page, for there are constant new updates to the page including photos, funny puns and product information. Cheez-It uploads a great deal of funny pictures that include the snack, creating a long stream of entertainment for anyone who visits or “Likes” the page. They post something new at least every day, constantly keeping their social media fans up to date. Also, by doing this, they keep the product in the mind of the user, thus making them think of and want Cheez-Its. Overall, this social media site is successful for its target of a younger audience who enjoy a good pun to go with their cheesy snack.

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