Friday, November 1, 2013

Yogurtland - Noriko Yamasaki

For my analyses I decided to evaluate Yogurtland’s Facebook page. Yogurtland is well known for its many delicious flavors and various toping choices of which consumers can choose from. On Facebook (FB), Yogurtland has many different FB pages depending on one’s location whether it be for the branch in Berkeley or for Australia. Yogurtland does an effective job of social media marketing through the content present on the web page. The effective features the webpage has are Premium Offers, User Participation, User-Generated Content, Customer Service ‘Portal’ and good Content Flow.

From the get-go the page is attractive with bright colors, pictures and videos that relate back to the flavors of Yogurtland. Yogurtland attracts new and keeps current customers onto their FB page and into buying their products by giving out freebies as incentives. For example from July to September, there was an exclusive premium of Looney Tunes flavor that came along with collectable Looney Tunes goods such as the Looney Tunes yogurt cups, spoons and key chains shown below.
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Yogurtland effectively executed social marketing for this premium yogurt edition by telling customers to upload a picture of themselves with the product for a chance to win a free cup of yogurt. In other words, Yogurtland got the customers to market the product by uploading pictures on Facebook where potential new customers (customer’s friends) may take an interest in the product when it pops up on their newsfeed. It is also important to note that the consumers are able to participate in many events such as voting on new flavors and be involved in premium events as mentioned before.

The FB content mainly showcases user-submitted materials unless there are promotional events or new flavors being introduced. These materials are dominantly photos of customer’s with the yogurt product. These user-generated content also links in with other social media such as Instagram, FB’s hastag function and Yogurtland’s official website, which helps market Yogurtland’s brand. 
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Through FB, Yogurtland has an interactive customer service ‘portal’. Users can have a dialogue with each other via commenting or sharing posts in the Yogurtland FB page. In addition, users can provide suggestions and feedback on the page, which allows Yogurtland to gain valuable information on what the customers believe needs improvement or wants to see happen. Moreover, users can ask questions about the product or promotion on FB as a comment to which Yogurtland can respond instantaneously.

In conclusion, with Yogurtland’s effective job of social media marketing, there is regular content flow on the page. I have noticed that there are new posts every two or three days, which updates the users regularly about Yogurtland. I believe that Yogurtland’s use of FB is effective and the users can advertise Yogurtland through the ‘Share’ button under a FB post. Overall, social media pages create great marketing opportunities for any commercial company as long as they are effective in their strategies.

Link of the Yogurtland Facebook page:

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